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Sunday, 21 Jan 2018


The Public Procurement Group offers Advisory Services to all organizations who are involved in public procurement like government public sector buyers, bidders, contractors and service providers.

A. Services offered:

(i)    Expert advice on clarification on any issue relating to public procurement;  it may be a query of general nature of on a some        specific clauses in tender/contract document or on a some clause in a specific tender/ contract  documents

(ii)   Evaluation of documents – tender documents,  contact documents and documents relating  to reconciliation of disputes

(iii)   Preparation of tender documents, specification and contact documents

(iv)   Drafting of representations where public procurement norms appear to be violated.

(v)    Any other related service which may be in public procurement domain.


B. May avail to avail Advisory Service?

(i)      Government or Public Sector Oganisations who make procurement  (goods, works and services)

(ii)     Private sector firms or public sector organizations who participate in procurement.

(iii)    Organizations willing to avail Advisory Service shall be required to get registered with PPG, on payment  of an annual fee as          under:

MSME – Rs. 5,000/-

Large scale Private organization – Rs. 10,000/-

Large Scale foreign firms – Rs. 20,000/-

Government /public sector orgnisation – Rs. 10,000/-


C. Fee for Advisory Services

For A (i) above – Rs. 1000/- per query

For A (ii) to A (v) above – to be negotiated on case to case basis.



PPG with its mission to improve the state of Public Procurement offers to lend help and expertise to all stakeholders in a NEW ROLE through Advisory Services.

Public Procurement needs a sound institutionalized system to support the procedures laid down in the General Financial Rules (GFR) and other instructions issued by the Government of India from time to time.  Any government organization making procurement has to keep in view the guiding principles and other objectives of the state.

Ignorance of norms and procedures leads to frequent misunderstanding, violation of defind norms and dispute between buyer and seller. This defeats the basic guiding principles of Public Procurement resulting in non execution and sometimes in loss to the exchequer.

The basic reason for these problems is lack of necessary expertise/training of the public procurement professionals.  The bidders who participate in public procurement are also not in a better position.